Here you can find more information about Maungawhau and our volunteer work.

FoM book
Download the book published by the Friends of Maungawhau in 2014:
Maungawhau: A Short History of Volunteer Action

Walking map
Map of Maungawhau showing the tracks and track entrances.

Ecological report
Restoration framework plan for Batger Quarry and adjoining units, prepared by Melissa Marler for Friends of Maungawhau, 2013.

Native plants
List of native plant species found on Maungawhau or suitable for planting on volcanic sites.

Archaeological map, descriptions of cultural features, information about Maungawhau and its history and an article by Dr Susan Bulmer.

Links to geological talks and articles.

Reports and submissions
Summary of reports, submissions and historical material available from Friends of Maungawhau.